Privacy Policy

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We respect the privacy you confine in us with great levels of regard and we greatly respect our responsibility to safeguard any data that you confide in us while we interrelate. In that regard, we have come up with an all-inclusive privacy policy that aims at helping you to have a better understanding of the sort of data we gather and how we put it into use. Below is an outline of our privacy policy: 

Personal Identifiable Information

This is any information that could be used to contact or identify an individual to whom the specific information concerns. The information includes but is not limited to the phone number, name, social security number, financial profile, credit card information, and email address. This, however, does not include the information collected without the clear identity of the specific user.

Also, we do not collect any information that is personally identifiable except when you personally decide to provide the information. The information can also never be sold to a third party. Such information may only be displayed when there is legal compellation to do so. 

Use of Cookies

Cookies can be defined as unique identifiers that are kept on a user’s computer and they help our systems to identify your device. They also help in provision of significant features that improve the quality of your experience.

IP Address

Our web server is set such that it collects your IP Address automatically as part of the traffic data to ensure that the requested data is sent your end.

Use of Information You Provide

The information provided is used to provide the services that you requested. We also use the information to for our personal analysis to improve on the quality of services that we deliver and that we come up with new services. As indicated in the sgment above, the privacy of the users is very crucial to us and the information is not shared to outside parties at all without your consent. 

Email Policies

If by any chance you choose to contact us via email, we may keep the contents of the email and your address as well. Your email address is only used to provide timely correspondence and we do not, at any time, lease or rent out our subscription list to outside parties.

Use of External Links

There is possibility that our site may contain some links to other sites. We, therefore, advise that you read the privacy policy of these sites as we cannot warranty the security of your personal information.

How Do We Protect Your Information?

The secure sockets layer (SSL) software that we use encrypts any information that you key into our site. It is imperative to know that we do not consider email as a medium secure enough to pass personal information. It is, therefore, important that you send such information only through the SSL software.

Acceptable Use

Kindly note that you agree to utilize our website for legal reasons only and in a way that does not hinder or overstep the rights of others from enjoying our website.

Policy Changes

We reserve all the rights pertaining change of policy and making amendments with or without the notice to the users. We will, however, ensure that you are notified of any policy changes by posting the changes on our page. We will also not use your personal information in ways that are in material inconsistence with the past privacy policy.