Oster CKSTWFBF10 Belgian Flip Waffle Maker Review


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The CKSTWFBF10 is a Belgian waffle maker produced by Oster, a brand reputable for its excellent kitchen appliances. With its nonstick plates, its ability to flip your waffles for even cooking, and its adjustable temperature control, among other appealing features, this Belgian waffle maker is a must-have for any kitchen.

What makes Oster CKSTWFBF10 Awesome

  • Nonstick surface: You get so many benefits just for this one design characteristic: easy cleaning, evenly cooked waffles thanks to uniform heat distribution, easy release of the cooked waffles, and a stylish, modern look.
  • The Flipping: The ability to flip ensures you cook visually appealing waffles that have no holes, evenly cooked just the way you like them, plus you cut on the amount of batter you use per waffle.
  • You Can Adjust the Temperature: The adjustable temperature control enables you to cook waffles that have different texture and aesthetic value: you could make light, fluffy waffles or golden, crispy ones.

Oster CKSTWFBF10 has so many features that you can see with your eyes while others work behind the scenes when making waffles. So which are these features that makes it one of the best waffle irons today?

Innovative Flip Operation

Not all waffle makers can flip. This one can. Flipping helps to evenly spread the batter, a fact that is quite important when you are running a commercial operation. You see, in commercial waffle-making, the visual presentation of your waffle is of high importance – and besides, flipping will help save on batter.

With the simple flip-inch operation of this Belgian waffle maker, you can finally get the evenly cooked waffles you deserve, and cut the costs per waffle while you are at it. There is less risk of your waffles having holes.

Adjustable Temperature Control

Skillful cooking is the art of controlling temperature, maintaining it at the optimum level and adjusting where required so as to get the best tasting product.

This waffle maker comes with adjustable temperature control, enabling you to make differently textured waffles, depending on your preference. You can make waffles that are light and fluffy, or you can make waffles that are crispy and golden.

A simple change in temperature produces differently tasty results. And you are sure to have a fun time experimenting to find your most preferred texture and taste.

Deep, Nonstick Plates

Nonstick cookware is always an excellent idea. Here are a few reasons why. One, because it enables you to cook without having to use oil – your cholesterol levels say thank you.

Secondly, nonstick utensils are much easier to clean than regular ones which tend to absorb a lot of oil during the cooking process. The coating on nonstick cookware ensures food does not stick, and that makes cleaning a real breeze.

Three, the nonstick coating ensures uniform heat distribution. And as we indicated when discussing flipping, having even distribution of heat throughout the batter is critical for making well-cooked wafers. The even distribution of heat also speeds up the cooking process.

Four, due to regular use and frequent cleaning, steel and aluminum cookware start to look dull and quite unappealing. Nonstick cookware, on the other hand, looks rather stylish with its dark grayish coating, and is a stunning addition to any modern kitchen.

Five, the nonstick surface ensures easy release of your waffles when they are done cooking.

Note, however, that the plates of this waffle maker cannot be removed for washing. You have to wait for it to cool down before you do manual cleaning of the grooves using mild soap and water.

Simple and Safe to Use

Cooking can be a dangerous affair, especially when you are using some of these modern contraptions which have so many complicated instructions, knobs, and buttons that cooking your favorite dish becomes as complex as diffusing a bomb.

The Oster CKSTWFBF10 Belgian waffle maker, on the other hand, is rather simple to use, and as a consequence quite safe. It comes with top-mounted “power” and “ready” indicator lights that ensure the cooking process is both simple and safe for the chef.

The waffle maker also has a cool-touch handle that ensures your hands and fingers are protected from the heat for a completely safe cooking process.

Removable Drip Tray

Making waffles can be messy, what with spatters of batter all over your countertop. That just adds to the amount of cleaning you will have to do afterwards.

Fortunately the CKSTWFBF10 comes with a removable drip tray, and that will help prevent spatters on your countertop, making your work all the more easier. 

Sleek Design

If you are going to buy an appliance that you will be seeing everyday in your kitchen, might as well make sure it looks good. With its sleek design, its durable chrome with the black accents, the Oster CKSTWFBF10 Belgian flip-style waffle maker will look fantastic on the countertop in your kitchen, really enhance the décor.

Fast Cooking Time

Within 5 to 6 minutes of cooking, your waffle should be ready, making the waffle maker perfect for making a quick breakfast to eat on the go in the morning as you dash out of your house.

What You Will Like

1. You will have an easy cleanup process thanks to the nonstick surface which discourages adhesion of food materials. Furthermore the removable drip tray ensures there are no spatters on your counter-top, which also cuts down on cleaning time.

2. It is simple and safe to use thanks to the “ready” and “power” indicator lights, as well as the cool-to-touch handle which prevents burns.

3. Even distribution of heat ensures waffles are evenly cooked.

4. Thanks to the adjustable temperature control you can make light and fluffy waffles or crisp and golden ones.

5. Ability to flip ensures your waffles do not have holes, and also helps cut on the amount of batter used per waffle.

What You Will not Like

1. The construction is rather cheap, mostly plastic, but that is to be expected at the low price range. For instance, the open waffle irons wobble quite a bit.

2. You can’t remove the plates for washing. Not a deal-breaker, but still a big deal for many people. Wait for the appliance to cool down, and then clean the grooves manually with water or mild soap.

Bottomline on Oster CKSTWFBF10 

The CKSTWFBF10 is an affordable waffle iron which delivers excellent service for a product of its price range. Satisfied customers give glowing reviews of its ability to make tasty waffles.

The downside, however, is its plastic parts that make it somewhat fragile. As an alternative, we recommend the Breville Smart 4-Slice Waffle Maker, which comprises stainless steel housing with nonstick cast aluminum cooking plates.

Our verdict is that if you are looking for an excellent Belgian waffle maker in the affordable price range, the CKSTWFBF10 is one of your best options.