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waffles without waffle makers

How to Make Waffles Without Waffle Maker

I know that none of us can`t imagine a lazy weekend morning without a delicious, crispy waffle spiced with maple syrup.   But that`s not we`re talking here.   We`re discussing whether it`s possible to make waffles without a waffle maker like this ones.   The answer to this is a yes.   However, it … Read more

how to clean a waffle iron

How to Clean a Waffle Iron : Step By Step Guide

​If waffles recipes are a favorite delicacy for you, chances are, you own a waffle iron.  Regardless of how you take delight in those waffles, most likely, cleaning your waffle iron is something you do not anticipate.   It is hardly like cleaning a glass or wine or a dinner plate. The uneasiness kicks in … Read more