How to Make Waffles Without Waffle Maker


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I know that none of us can`t imagine a lazy weekend morning without a delicious, crispy waffle spiced with maple syrup.

But that`s not we`re talking here.

We`re discussing whether it`s possible to make waffles without a waffle maker like this ones.

The answer to this is a yes.

However, it comes with a catch.

Using alternative means of making waffles will not produce the fluffy and crispy edge that you normally see in a waffle made from the waffle iron.

Nonetheless, it`s still a waffle with the delightful taste.

Now, there're various ways to make waffles without a waffle maker.

However, we shall be discussing one of my favorite methods-using an iron grill pan.

First watch this video before proceeding:-

Making Waffles Using an Iron Grill Pan

Besides grilling meats, and veggies and making panini-style sandwiches, grill pans can also be used to make your favorite waffle batter to perfection.

Let`s look at how:

What`s Different with a Grill Pan

As we mentioned above, alternative waffle making methods will be without the crispy edges.

With the grill pan, the results of your waffle might look more like a pancake but will maintain the waffle taste, complete with an airy interior and crispy exterior.

Step 1

Prepare your favorite waffle recipe.

Any recipe will do for the grill pan method.

However, I prefer that you use one of my favorite recipes over here.

Step 2

Put your grill pan on the burner and allow it to heat on medium heat until it`s nice and toasty.

To test the heat, sprinkle a few droplets of water, and if the water “dances”, you are now set.

The next step is to grease the pan. Here, you should brush your grill pan with butter. The butter should melt right away and even sizzle a bit.

Step 3

Once the butter has melted and formed a beautiful golden brown color, it`s time you ladle the waffle batter into the pan.

To do this, you`ll have to spoon the batter on the pan, before spreading it lightly into a circle.

The “circles” on the grill pan might be a tad off, but it`s okay, and you should not hard-press yourself too much into creating the perfect circles.

Step 4

Step 4 is probably the most crucial step.

Here, you`ll need to lower the heat to medium-low.

The medium-low heat will allow your waffles to develop ridges from the grill.

Most importantly, it allows the waffles to get a wonderful "char" without having to burn on the exterior.

Allow your waffle to cook, until you notice bubbling on the top, and drying on the edge-this should signify the bottom is ready to get flipped.

Step 5

Once you`re sure the bottom is ready, flip the waffle with a spatula.

If possible, try to align the pan lines to face the same way. However, if you can`t, don`t panic, the waffle will still be tasty.

Step 6

While underside of the waffle cooks, press it down gently with your spatula. This will avoid your waffle from puffing up like a pancake.

It`s also here that you turn your grill pan heat to the lowest setting, to allow the batter to cook up thoroughly, and crispy ridges to form.

Step 7

Once your waffle is cooked, it`s time to serve it.

While it might not be the ideal waffle, it offers a near-like waffle experience.

Be sure to serve it with your favorite homemade butter or maple syrup.

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