Chef’s Choice 850-SE Belgian Waffle Maker Review


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Chef’s choice 850-SE Belgian waffle maker is a quality waffle making appliance manufactured by The Legacy Companies USA.

 It is a modern day necessity for home kitchens. 850-SE Belgian waffle maker has a QuadPlus system of baking.

Additionally, it has a beeper for waffle ready warning, instantaneous temperature recovery, and an in-built cable storage compartment.  

What makes Chef's Choice 850-SE so awesome?

  • QuadPlus system of baking. 850-SE has a quadplus system of baking that allows independent adjustment of baking temperature and time.
  • Griddle surface. The griddle surface  is non-stick thus allowing for continuous baking of waffles at an instance.
  • Presence of a countdown timer. When baking, the countdown timer allows the user to monitor the baking time. When the countdown lapses, a warning beeper sounds. This helps in preventing the overcooking of waffles.

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There are numerous characteristics that make Chef’s choice 850-SE Belgian waffle maker the best choice for waffle making.


Chef’s choice 850-SE Belgian waffle maker has consistency in making high quality waffles. As such, the consumer achieves uniformity in texture, size, and quality of the products made from the start to the end.

Most consumers have their inclined preferences of the quality of waffles they make. Product uniformity is among these preferences. With 850-SE , uniformity is guaranteed since it offers evenly shaped waffles that are similar in shape and size.

Evidently, the overall consistency of the appliance rates approximately 98 percent when set at the right temperature of the required type of waffles.

The two types of waffles that Chef’s choice 850-SE  makes is crispy, achieved at a higher temperature, and crunchy, achieved at a lower temperature. Either way, consistency is guaranteed.  

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Light Weight and Limited Storage Space

850-SE  weighs 8 pounds and its dimensions are 14.8 by 15.8 by 6 inches. Because of its less weight, it is easy to move around when using, storing or cleaning.

Similarly, the appliance is small in size and thus uses less storage space. Additionally, it can be stored in a vertical position thus using lesser storage space. All these make it convenient to have it at home.     


Chef’s choice 850-SE is affordable. Considering all its unique features, its retail price is more favorable to the consumer.

When the consumer buys one at a retail price, he or she can enjoy making quality waffles whenever they feel like because in addition to its affordability and unique features, the appliance is durable. 

In most cases, it comes with a limited one year warrant. This guarantees the user that the manufacturer is confident of its quality when used as directed and in case it gets faulty, the company will execute the warrant.   

Waffle-Ready Warning

It has a beeper that warns the user when the waffles are ready. This makes it easier for use and the user does not require to frequently looking whether or not the waffles are ready.

 As such, the user can engage in other things in the kitchen as they wait for waffles to get ready without the risk of overcooking. Additionally, it is easier for use by users who do not have familiarity of using it.

When one makes the right mixture for the required waffles, the only requirement is to wait for the beeper sound to know when they are ready.   

Non-Stick Surface

The Belgian waffle iron has high quality griddle surface that allows for continuous baking of waffles at an instance due to its non-stick inner surface.

This feature makes it convenient for use since it does not require cleaning after every round of use. As such, it saves time and other resources used for cleaning.

Cord Storage Space

Chef’s choice 850-SE Belgian waffle maker has an in-built cable storage compartment. This ensures the safety of use since it cannot get into contact with fluid, such as water.

Exposure to fluid before use may expose the user to electrocution. Additionally, this feature keeps children safe because they may be unable to connect the appliance to electricity source when the cord is in its compartment.    

The Pros

  • Has consistency in making high quality waffles that have uniformity in texture, size, and quality.
  • It is light in weight and requires less storage space because it can be stored in a vertical position. This makes it convenient to have at home.
  • Considering its unique features and quality, Chef’s choice 850-SE Belgian waffle maker is affordable.
  • Has a waffle-reading beeper that warns the user when the waffles are ready.
  • Its inner surfaces are nonstick thus ensuring similar quality of waffles made at every instance.
  • Has a cord storage compartment that enhances the safety of using the appliance.    

The Cons

  • Its sides become too hot to handle during the baking process. This is a disadvantage because one runs the risk of touching it by mistake and thus getting accidentally burned.

Bottomline on Chef’s choice 850-SE

The overheating of the surfaces of  850-SE  is its main drawback. If you are cautious of getting an accidental-touch burn, then you may consider buying other models of waffle makers such as Breville Smart 4 Slice Waffle Maker. 

This notwithstanding, if you are looking for a waffle maker that has consistency in shape and size, is light in weight, high quality but affordable, has a waffle-ready warning, and a non-stick surface then Chef’s choice 850-SE fits these specifications.

Additionally, it has a cord storage compartment that enhances safety when not in use and has a limited one-year warrant.

As evident from the awesome features of this Belgian waffle maker, its advantages outdo the disadvantages. As such, Chef’s choice 850-SE Belgian waffle maker is an excellent choice for your waffle baking.