Can You Freeze Waffle Batter? Tips to Enjoy Waffles Anytime


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Freezing waffle batter can be such a convenient thing to do. You may have simply made too much batter, or perhaps you just want to know that you’ve got a stockpile ready for the next time you’ve got a hankering for a sweet breakfast treat. Freeze waffle batter, a quart or a gallon and enjoy the same great taste!

The way we see it, there are two reasons why you might freeze waffle batter: you’ve got a surplus, or you’re cooking in advance.

Freezing leftovers is a great way to cut down on the food waste that a home produces. Waffles are a wonderful place to start off since it’s a type of food waste that we might not consider.

People often consider throwing away the base ingredients of everything that they cook, but they don’t consider throwing away the prepared meal. For example, people think to reduce the number of tomatoes that they’re wasting, but they might think nothing of throwing away some marinara sauce that they can’t quite finish.

Making sure to store your leftovers for a little while can hugely reduce the volume of food waste that you produce, and freezing leftover waffle batter is a great way to do that!

Freezing Waffle Batter

Cooking in advance is a wonderful thing to do. Making waffles for yourself, your friends, and your family at the weekend is lovely, but most people don’t feel like waking up at the crack of dawn just to beat together all the ingredients.

Instead of that, you could prepare your waffle batter a couple of days in advance and freeze it. This will allow you to quickly bring together an excellent breakfast with minimum effort on the morning that you’re cooking.

We would suggest freezing waffle batter in portions that are well sized for a few people. For example, in a four-person household, we would recommend freezing waffle batter in three cup increments. Three-quarters of a cup of batter is the perfect amount for a single person, so multiplying that by four gives us the perfect amount for four people.

If you really wanted to be prepared, you could freeze that amount of waffle batter alongside a portion of chocolate syrup or some similar toppings that you prefer. Then, for a waffle morning, you could break out a small container stuffed to bursting with the thing that your family adores, and you’re good to go!

Can you freeze waffle batter

There are no two ways about it, waffles are the perfect breakfast for a lazy breakfast with a few friends. The idea of waking up after a big night to a steaming mug of coffee over some jokes and waffles is divine!

In a situation where you’re making waffles for a large number of friends, then it’s easy to make too much waffle batter. If you’ve got leftover batter, you can freeze it with these simple steps:

  1. First of all, find an adequately sized container. We would recommend using our ¾ cup batter per person ratio to freeze the batter in increments of the people that you might be cooking for.
  2. Scoop the waffle batter into the container, making sure that both the container and the ladle are completely clean.
  3. Seal the container tightly so that no air or water can get into the batter – that’s how taste and safety deteriorate.
  4. Label the container with the date that you froze it, as well as what’s in there – this will help keep track of what you’ve got in your freezer.
  5. Finally, palace the batter in the freezer and allow it to freeze. As with all frozen food, make sure to eat it within three months.

Freezing Homemade Waffle Batter

There are a number of freezer-safe products from Amazon that we really like for freezing waffle batter. Let’s take a look at them all!

1. Plastic Tub

  • These small plastic tubs are a fantastic way to pack your freezer with waffle batter. Coming in a 10 pack and sized at 16oz, they will allow you to freeze near-perfect portions of waffle batter with no effort at all.

  • We really like that they’re entirely watertight, as that means that you won’t have to worry about your waffle batter leaking into your freezer – that would be a nightmare! Instead, these tubs will conveniently stack, allowing you to densely store all the food that you need to keep.

2. Plastic Bottles (Medium)

  • We like these 18.5oz bottles as they would allow you to freeze and cook with the same utensil. We would suggest retrieving these bottles from your freezer and allowing the batter to defrost within them. Then, you can pour directly from the bottle and into your waffle iron, allowing for super easy cooking.

  • We also like that there is a two-lid system on these bottles, preventing spillage within your freezer. That’s so convenient and allows you to control mess.

3. Plastic Bottles (Large)

  • These superb 32oz bottles are a great idea for making and storing small servings of waffle batter. We really like the idea of using one of these bottles to freeze batter for one or two people and then only removing that one bottle from your freezer for use.

  • Impressively, these bottles have tamper-evident caps, which allow you to know if the bottle had ruptured during storage and take appropriate steps to preserve food safety.

  • This might be a little kitsch, but we would adore making labels for these bottles, perhaps saying something like ‘family waffle recipe’ – how cute!

4. Portion Freezing Tray

  • We absolutely love this product! These are essentially very large ice cubs trays that allow you to freeze perfect cup-sized portions. The base of the trays is made from flexible silicone, so when the time comes to cook the waffles from your frozen batter, you’ll be able to simply pop out a cube of the frozen batter and defrost that individually.

  • We love the idea of using the trays (they come in a two-pack) to freeze waffle batter in individual batches. Over time, you’d be able to stack the individual cubes of waffle batter within a large tub or bag. Then, you can simply reach into the tub and retrieve the correct amount of waffle batter for your needs – how convenient!

5. Freezer Bags

  • Freezer bags will forever be one of the most convenient and simple ways to store any liquid in your freezer. We love that you can store up to a quart of liquid in one of these bags in nearly any shape – the bag will conform to the shame of the liquid, which makes storing in a packed freezer quite simple.

  • These bags, in particular, have a slightly different form of plastic used in the exterior surface of the bag itself. They’re now a lot more resistant to punctures and tears than previous freezer bags have been, which means that you don’t need to worry about the state of your batter – it will stay in the bag!

How long can waffle batter be frozen?

As a general rule of thumb, anything can be stored in your freezer for around three months. After three months is when you get to the stage of freezer burn, and the safety of eating that food starts to become questionable.

However, since there are chemical and physical reactions to be concerned about here, we would recommend storing the batter in your freezer for a maximum of one to two months. The reason for this is that baking powder will lose its effectiveness over time in your freezer, leading to a decrease in the quality of your waffles.

This is why it’s essential to use double-acting baking powder: single-acting baking powder will not produce a batter that can be stored long-term. Even double-acting powder can only produce a batter that can be stored for around two months, as we just said.

How to defrost waffle batter?

Defrosting waffle batter is a pleasantly easy process, especially when compared to the relatively complex thawing procedures for other foods. Simply grab the container full of waffle batter a couple of hours before you’ll need to use it, and move it to the fridge.

Of course, the defrosting time will change slightly depending upon the size of the container, so allow a little more time for a larger container.

Thawing your batter in the fridge ensures that the batter never comes to an unsafe temperature, which is essential for such an egg-and-dairy-heavy recipe. With that said, though, you can defrost waffle batter on the counter if you’ve no alternative. The risk of bacteria growth is very slim but still technically present.

The best way to defrost waffle batter, ensuring that the flavor, texture, and safety are not compromised, is to thaw the batter in the fridge the night before you plan to use it. This will allow you to wake up to cool, safe, and ready-to-use batter. We would, however, recommend bringing your batter to room temperature before cooking with it – allowing it to sit on the counter for around half an hour should work perfectly fine.

The fastest way to defrost waffle batter is to run the container of frozen batter under a hot tap. This heat will thaw the ice crystals within the batter, leading to a liquid in no time. However, don’t try to defrost your batter in the microwave! If you do, you run the risk of cooking the eggs in the mixture, which would lead to a severely compromised waffle.

Frozen Waffle Batter Takeaway

To sum up, we want to quickly mention how handy storing waffle batter ahead of time can be. Using the proper containers, recipes, and methods will almost always allow you to wonderfully make waffles in no time at all. Truly, cooking ahead of time is the best way to be prepared – you’ll have great batter really quickly!

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