Breville The Smart 4-Slice Waffle Maker Review


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The Smart Waffle 4-Slice, a product of Breville is a modern-day kitchen necessity. This exquisitely constructed 4-slice waffle maker comes with a superior non-stick surface, therefore, eliminating the problem of stuck-on waffles. Besides, the waffle maker features a plethora of conveniently pre-programmed settings for the perfect waffle.

Breville is a household name, and this is because the company is synonymous with quality and reliable products. Coming from Breville, The Smart Waffle 4-Slice translates all that is good from its manufacturer in a single package.

What Makes The Smart Waffle 4 Slice Awesome?

  • “Smart” Waffle Maker: Like the name suggest, The Smart Waffle 4-Slice waffle maker comes with a range of settings that allow you to get the perfect waffle to suit your preferences. These pre-set options, which include 4 batter types and 12 color/brownness levels provides for quick, and easy waffle cooking.
  • Efficient: The Smart Waffle 4-Slice put an end to all your waffle making wastage thanks to the Moat for Overflow feature. With this exclusive feature, you will not have to worry about the overflowing batter that goes into waste because the extra overflowing batter is saved in the moat and baked too.
  • Easy to Use: Whether you are a pro or a newbie, The Smart Waffle 4-Slice is a fit-all product. The waffle maker features a gamut of user-friendly features such as alert lights and sounds that go off when the iron is preheated and when waffles are ready.

The Smart Waffle 4-Slice has some incredibly lovely features which every waffle maker will fall in love with. Now let us have a look at some of the amazingly superb features that make this waffle maker standout.

 Any Waffle Style or Color

Breville has invented the genius of Waffle IQ Technology. The Waffle IQ is a hands-free technology that automatically calculates the cooking time to suit the style and color of your waffles.

The Waffle IQ Technology removes guess-work from your waffle cooking by continually monitoring the temperature of the plates and adjusts the cooking time so that every batch regardless of how many you cook in a row, come out with the same color, taste and crunchiness. With this technology, you only need to pour the batter and allow the waffle maker to do the rest. 

For instance, this technology allows you to select the type of style/crunchiness of your waffle from Belgian, Classic, chocolate, buttermilk or custom setting.

Aside from the crunchiness, the waffle allows you to select the desired brownness of your waffle from 12 different heat setting. The settings range from light to dark.


If you like experimenting with new recipes or methods of preparing new dishes, you will love the custom setting that allows you to play with the waffle settings for new tastes.

The waffle maker comes with knobs that allow you to choose your desired waffle style and lightness. For instance, the "A Bit More" button lets you add extra cooking time for crisper waffles without adjusting the timer and its useful progress indicator. This feature means that you only worry how you are going to top your waffle.

This waffle iron allows you to customize your settings to your exact specification and reuse the settings again and again. And if you happen to get lost in the adjustments, the reset button will bring the waffle maker back to its base starting point.

‘Ready’ Indicator

Aside from the hands-free approach, thanks to the Waffle IQ Technology, waffle iron features an LED screen that displays the waffle cooking options and changes colors to indicate when the waffle irons are warmed and when waffles are ready.

Additionally, it features a ready alert signal chimes that alert you with a beep when the iron is preheated, when baking is complete and a display timer that counts down as the waffle bake.

Easy to Clean

Though it does not feature removable grid, you will benefit from the non-stick waffle plates. The non-stick plate surface makes cleaning effortless, as the waffles don`t stick on the coating: they lift easily from the non-stick plates leaving behind a cleaner plate. Cleaning the left residue can be done with a quick wipe with a damp cloth/dishcloth or swept with a pastry brush.

Additionally, Breville has addressed the issue that most waffle makers have to face: the mess that waffle makers can make.

The Mot for Overflow feature is a smart addition to the waffle maker and is vital in reducing wastage and spillage of batter. The Moat for Overflow is a gutter-like feature that wraps around the edge of the waffle maker. This feature limits or rather stops spillage of overflowing and excess batter, thus reducing spillage and wastage.

What we like most about this feature is that it “catches” and bakes the overflowing batter, before it even reaches to the hard-to-clean areas. With this waffle iron, there is no need to worry about cleaning, scraping: it`s just wiping.

Quality Build and Advanced Performance

The quality and design performance of this waffle maker can be viewed in different dimensions.

First, The Breville Smart Waffle 4-Slice is constructed from thermally engineered heating elements that guarantee even distribution of heat throughout the waffle maker. Even heat distribution results in crunchy and delicious waffles that are sure to satiate even the most discerning taste buds.

The best part of this thermal materials is that they are all PFOA-free, meaning that there is no need of worrying about your health.

And when it comes to the performance of the waffle iron, you will be glad to know that the waffle maker does not have preheating times between removing ready waffles and pouring the batter for the next waffle in. In a nutshell, you can cook one waffle after the other with no waiting time.

Finally, you will appreciate the generous size of the waffle: 4” by 4” by 1” thick. This waffle maker makes a perfect solution for those with families.

What We Like About The Breville Smart Waffle 4-Slice

  • Convenient. From the audio and visual chimes that alert you when the waffle maker is ready to the hands-free Waffle IQ Technology, The Breville Smart Waffle 4-Slice is packed with user-friendly features that will allow a hassle-free waffle making.
  • Variety. With the 12 adjustable setting and customization features in the waffle style, it allows you to make a variety waffles, all on a single machine.
  • Mess-free. The Smart Waffle 4-Slice allows you to make you waffles in a clean and mess-free environment, thanks to the Mot for Overflow feature.

What we Don’t Like

  • Non-removable grids. Though it features no-stick plates, the plates are stationary to the machine and are not removable. This limits the thorough cleaning of the waffle maker.
  • Bulky. Weighing at 16.75 pounds and with a dimension of 15.8 x 8.8 x 18.5 inches, The Smart Waffle 4 Slice is quite cumbersome for the small household counter-tops as well as for storage.

Bottomline on The Smart Waffle 4 Slice 

One primary concern is on the weight and dimensions of this waffle maker. It`s heavy and large, and moving or storing it is an awkward conundrum. Though there are individuals who store it hanging, but it`s nerve-wracking imaging storing such a product in another way other than flat.

Therefore, if you have a small kitchen, you should understand that this product is not for you as it takes up a lot of precious counter-top, and you should consider purchasing other modest waffle makers such as the All-Clad 99012GT Stainless Steel Classic.

However, we recommend The Smart Waffle 4-Slice if you want value for your money and an electric waffle iron that will make perfect and delicious waffles for a very long time. Breville does not compromise on quality of its products.