Waring Pro Waffle Makers – Top Rated Irons Reviews


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For the lovers of breakfast on the go, and for those to whom any morning brunch is never really enough without a little something added to the taste, waffles are the perfect choice to add to a morning eats for that lavish start of the day.

A mix of maple and melted butter is surely a great taste. But you are probably spending a little too much if you buy the waffles from a local restaurant nearby.

For the folks that love to save time and money, and especially those that love eating waffles time and again, buying a waffle iron for home seems to make a lot of sense.

Waring, without a doubt, designs some of the best kitchen accessories. And their waffles go a long way to show just how the company knows how to play by the book. So, what does Waring have in store for a waffle lover like you? Well, let’s find out.

Best Waring Pro Waffle Makers Comparison Table

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Top 3 Picks of Waring Pro Waffle Irons in summary

1) Waring WW180

It is an ideal waffle maker for the lovers of Belgian waffles who don’t mind baking one waffle at a time. Built for heavy use, tougher and stronger inside out, the unit easily stands up to high volume heavy use, without compromising on performance.

And although it is rated as a commercial grade equipment that, almost all the time, get the job done, the Waring WW180 20 model can’t work just well enough in commercial settings the same way it does in household. Since its performance in homes is commendable, it’s best if you buy it for households that only.

2) The Waring Pro WMK300A

It stands out for its convenience and flexibility, especially because of the 180-degree rotation that make cooking delicious waffles a breeze. Equipped with a ready alert that easily automates the cooking process, you never have to peek in to confirm if your waffles are ready.

Because it is large, the Pro WMK300A model won’t appeal to people short of kitchen space. It does fold up easily for storage, though. Even then, it is still less than ideal for people that have very small kitchen space.

This unit comes with a drip tray that easily catches spilled batter, so you don’t have to worry about doing a lot of cleaning up after cooking your waffles.

3) The Waring WMK300

If you are in the market for a Waring pro waffle maker that can make crisp and tender waffles in the shortest time possible, try the Waring WMK300. It came before the WMK300A, but it still performs better like the units that came after it. With waffle pockets that are up to four inches deep, you can easily bake thick batter without worrying about possible spill during cooking.

This unit is quite heavy, which is expected considering that all of its parts are made of iron. It’s still easy to move from one station to another in your kitchen, but you will definitely feel the weight.

Waring Pro Waffle Makers Reviews - We picked best for the money

1. Waring WW180 25 Single Waffle Maker  

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The WW180 25 is, perhaps, one of the most expensive waffles in the market and obviously the highest end of all in the Waring waffle maker series. For the price, you get a commercial grade unit, which stands up against months of use (and perhaps abuse) without compromising on performance.

 While it fits quite well in the commercial-level class of waffle makers, this won’t always cut it for commercial use, because, while it is built to last, it is not as heavy and durable as other brands.

How reliable is this unit?

The WW1180 can make about 25 waffles in an hour, which is about 2 minutes for each waffle. If you are fast, though, it might take just over a minute and less than two to make a single waffle. What really takes a lot of time is the process of taking out the cooked waffles and pouring fresh batter in the maker.

Is the WW180 25 good for business?

Although graded as a commercial unit is not as heavy or durable as many models on the market. And since it can’t stand up to heavy use for a very long time, it is only best for household use.

​2. Waring Pro WMK300A Belgian Waffle Maker 

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The Pro MWK300A, a stainless steel Belgian waffle maker, can cook delicious waffles in minutes, and in large numbers. What you get from your batter isn’t just crisp waffles; they are also thick and soft. 

Although the unit can make only one waffle at a time, the time between cooking one waffle and another is often quite short. In fact, Pro WMK330A can cook a waffle in not more than 2 minutes, so it shouldn’t take long to serve yourself if you are hungry, or if you have a starving family waiting in the dining room.

What does the ready audio alert do?

The ready audio beep is a handy feature that notifies you when the waffles are already cooked, so you don’t have to peek in the maker every time to know if your waffles have cooked well or not.

What’s the significance of the 180-degree rotation function?

The 180-degree rotation ensures that every waffle you make cooks well. You can easily rotate the tray to cook each side of your waffle evenly in minutes and eventually serve crispy, moist, and fluffy waffles.

3. Waring WMK300 

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If you love eating waffles that are tender on the inside and crisp on the outside, consider getting yourself Waring WMK300 Belgian waffle maker. Made of high quality rust and scratch resistant metals, and featuring nonstick parts that work 100% well most of the time, the WMK300 gives you the convenience and the flexibility that you need to make sweet waffles for a very long time without having trouble.

Because the nonstick parts work so well, you will not have a problem with the batter sticking to the pockets. And even if it does, it should be easy to remove.

With pocket almost 4 inches deep, you can prepare and turn thick butter into delicious waffles in just a matter of minutes. It doesn’t take more than 5 seconds to notice just how long this unit is. In fact, it takes up quite a big space on a counter top, so it might not be an ideal option for people that are limited on kitchen space.

WMK300 features two alert functions that make the unit easy to use; the notification lights that informs you when the device is ready for use and an alarm system that beeps three times when the waffles are done.

4. Waring Pro WMK200  

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The crispy, sweet waffles you buy from a local restaurant near you every week are foods you can make from the comfort of your home. With Waring Pro WMK200, making the same restaurant-style waffle from the comfort of your home is fun and saving on money comes easy.

 The browning control dial lets you work with different batters, and the adjustable temperature lets you choose the level of heating according to your personal preference.

With a flexible lid handle that rotates the grids up to 180 degrees, plus the one-inch deep nonstick grids, the Pro WMK200 cooks waffles evenly from side to side within 2 minutes.

The measuring cup this unit comes with lets you decide how much batter you will need for a perfectly sized waffle and the light indicator lets you know when the unit is ready for use as well as when your waffles are ready.

The Pro WMK200 also includes an easy-to-clean drip tray, which holds excess batter, making the device easy to clean. So you won’t really have to worry about clutters nearly as much.  

​5. Waring Pro Waffle Maker

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Waring Pro is a powerful waffle maker with a black base and stainless steel drip tray. This waffle maker can bake a 1-inch restaurant style waffle. The built-in blue LED indicators let you know when the unit is ready to use and when a waffle has properly cooked.

The rotary, with a control knob that easily adjusts between the first and the sixth browning settings, makes custom cooking of the top and bottom of a waffle possible. 

The drip tray makes the baking process less messy in the case where you bake more batter than you should. Since the coated grids are nonstick, this unit easily releases waffles after they cook.

This waffle maker also features a rotary handle, which allows a user to rotate the grids up to 180 degrees for even cooking.

The LED light indicators are quite handy during use and they generally have two functions. First, they’ll light up to let you know when the waffle maker is hot and ready to bake. Second, they will notify you when the waffle(s) is (are) done.

With a browning control dial, a removable drip tray, and a measuring cup, Waring Pro has everything you need to make your waffles on the go.

​6. Waring WMK600  

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Its name says it all. The WMK600 bakes 2 delicious, deep-pocketed, round-shaped waffles at a time. Like other units in the Waring series, the WMK600 Double Maker features a rotating function that evenly cooks waffles on all sides, a browning control knob for customizing your waffle so they cook the way you want, and an extra deep pocket that collect toppings like peaches, ice cream, and maple syrup.

 The 2 LED indicator lights let you know when the device is hot and ready to cook and when your waffles are done. The 3 audio tones beep to alert you when a waffle has finished cooking, so you do not have to peek at the deep grids every time.

The built-in thermostat lets you control the baking temperature on the go. Coupled with the browning control knob, the heat setting makes it easy for a user to make the waffles into what they want.

Whether you are a fan of light and crispy pieces or you love them soft and warm, all you have to do is to choose the appropriate settings.

7. Waring Pro WMK250SQ 4-Sloice  

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Baked with ice cream, butter, or maple syrup, restaurant waffles can be, and sometimes are, quite expensive, especially if you love eat them on a daily basis.

Waring Pro WMK250SQ takes away the pain of buying restaurant waffles by bringing the amazing experience of baking your own waffles to the comfort of your home.

In fact, you can make 4-slice square-shaped waffles at a time, making this unit a good option for users that have large families.

What you get after baking is an extra half an inch thick waffle that tastes as good as those that you buy from your nearby restaurant.

You can take advantage of the six browning settings and add some taste and personalization to your waffle. And you can use the rotary function to easily and evenly cook your waffles from side to side.

This waffle maker also has LED light indicators, which alerts you when the unit is hot and ready to use and when the waffles are done. Since the grids are nonstick, the maker should release your waffles effortlessly after they cook.

​8. Waring WW250 50 Belgian Waffle Iron 

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If you are in the market for a heavy-duty waffle maker that can make tasty waffles for a craving family, try the Waring WW250 50 Belgian Waffle Maker. The WW250 50 is quite different from other units in terms of design.

For this, Waring has built independent controls for side-by-side cooking elements, so it’s more like a two-in-one waffle maker. This design approach is unique because it lets you customize waffles independently so every person in the family gets a waffle exactly the way they want it.


Now that we have put together a roundup of the best Waring Pro waffle makers for you, it should be easy for you to decide which one to choose.