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I am never a fan of complex design. And logos don’t impress me that much. But when I first ate a Star Wars Waffle at my friend’s place, I was hooked.

 Given that I have been eating waffles for well over 4 months, what my ally baked on a chilly Friday morning was exactly my taste; dark brown, fluffy and soft on the inside and crisp on the outside.

A wonderful Friday morning breakfast at my best friend’s place led me to dig a little deeper on what really makes a good Star Waffle Maker.

And while I may not have many recipe ideas to share with you as far as making waffles with a waffle maker is concerned, at least I have some recommendation of the top rated Star Wars Waffle Makers that you can use to add some extra sweet taste to your morning breakfast.

Comparison & Rating Table

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Top Rated Stars Waffle Makers - We Picked The Best Irons for the money

1. Star Wars LSW-281CN 4 Waffle Maker

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Breakfast is a necessary meal. But when you add an X-Wing Fighter waffle, made by the Star Wars LSW-281CN Waffle Maker, breakfast becomes golden.

Whether you are a fan of Jedi or you just love brown style waffles, imprinted with Millennium Falcon, rebel alliance symbol, or any other Star Wars logo, you will definitely love this waffle maker.

Simple in design and somehow compact and lightweight, the LSW-281CN is one of the cheapest waffle makers that you can add to your kitchen accessories.

Featuring a non-stick coating, this unit not only makes waffles fast so breakfast gets ready in just a few minutes, it is also easy to clean. And thanks to the convenient code wrap, storing this unit away is as easy as you can imagine. 

Who is this for?

This waffle maker is good for the lovers of Star Wars movies who couldn’t miss the release of each series in the Star Wars movies series. But even if you are not a fan of any or all of the Star Wars films, you will still love the waffles baked on this unit. That’s because they look quite different from waffles made using Waring Pro Waffle Makers.

What You Get for the Price

It is important to understand that this is one of the cheapest units out there, so it would make a good choice for someone who is on a tight budget. But what exactly do you get for the price anyway? You get waffle maker with non-stick baking plates, weighing just 5lbs and taking up very little space in your kitchen.

Then there is the adjustable browning control. This function lets you decide the browning level of your waffles by controlling the temperature levels of the baking pan, so you can make waffles that look exactly the way you want.

 In fact, the ability to control temperature during baking is what makes the waffles soft, both on the inside and outside. And with 1-year limited warranty, you know for sure that you are guaranteed of customer support in case something goes wrong with this product.

The baking plates are made of ceramic, which explains why they are non-stick. But even more importantly is the benefit of the non-stick plates themselves. They make it easy for your cooked waffles to come out of the unit, so you can be sure that your morning breakfast isn’t going to be ruined.

 Another benefit of the ceramic material has to do with cleaning. Since no waffle gets stuck on the plates, cleaning and storing the unit is easy and straightforward.

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2. Star Wars Darth Vader Waffle Maker

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Star Wars Darth Vader is another waffle maker built and marketed by the Pangea Brands. It’s actually more lightweight than the LSW-281CN, weighing just 2.7 pounds. Since it takes up less space, it is a good choice for people that have very small kitchen in their homes.

And it is quite cheap, to be frank. In fact, anyone who is on a budget and would like to own a waffle maker should consider getting this unit. So instead of saving a lot of money to buy the most expensive waffle maker in the world, you can still get this cheap one and make tasty waffles.

Temperature Settings

One of the best things about Star Wars Darth Vader is that it lets you control the temperature at which you make your waffles. By regulating the temperature of the unit, you can make your waffles tender golden or crispy brown.

And the best part is this: you just control the temperature by turning the integrated dial accordingly.

Light Indicator

You will notice that we did see light indicators on the Star Wars LSW-281CN Waffle Maker. And that’s a very important feature that has also been built into the Darth Vader. The lights have two advantages.

First, it lets you know when the waffle maker is ready for use so that you can pour your waffles and start baking.

Second, it notifies you when your waffles re ready to take out of the machine, so you actually don’t have to keep checking if the waffles are cooked or not.

Built to last

Even if you were to buy a waffle maker for cheap today, you wouldn’t spend a dime on it if it isn’t built to last. At the end of the day, the last thing you want to do is to buy a new waffle maker at the end of every month, or maybe even less.

TheStar Wars Darth Vader stands out because it is built to last. And that means you will use it for a very long time before you itch for an upgrade.

Unlike Star Wars LSW-281CN, this unit can make only one waffle at a time. SO if you have a large family, or you just don’t like making one waffle at a time, then you should choose the Star Wars LSW-281CN as an alternative to Star Wars Darth Vader Waffle Maker.

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3. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

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Waffle makers were in their simplest form back in the day. But as the technology improved, so was the design and quality of the waffle making machines.

In fact, we really wouldn’t have the likes of Star Wars Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker if the gods of kitchen accessories hadn’t thought outside the box.

And while it is going to take you a few trials and errors to get the best waffles with this unit, especially if you are trying to make waffles for the first time, you’ll have nothing to lose because you will eat both version of the same bake anyway.

Who is this for?

I should say that I wasn’t expecting the Star Wars Millennium Falcon to be more than just waffle maker. But I later learned that it is for people who love to make more than just waffles from the comfort of their homes.

In fact, for the pocket-friendly price tag, you get a unit that you can use to make different snacks with Star War themes. So whether you’ve planned to eat light golden waffles in a chilly morning or you would rather bake cookies for breakfast, this is the best waffle maker to use.


As far as the design of this unit is concerned, here is something worth knowing:

The overall waffle maker is sturdy, built strong to stand strong against wear and wear, especially during frequent use. The baking plates are properly coated with ceramic, a non-stick material that makes the entire unit quite easy to clean.

Just take a clean piece of cloth, dump it in cold or warm water, and then wipe the plates. In fact, it shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to clean this unit.

Then there is the weight and the dimension. In terms of dimension, this waffle maker measures 14.6 inches long, 9.2 inches wide, and 5.3 inches high.

This means that it takes up less space, making it a good unit for people that have small kitchen space. In terms of weight, it is only 4 pounds. Sure, that’s almost twice the weight of Star Wars Darth Vader Waffle Maker, but it is still easy to carry around.

What it can do

First, the waffle maker lets you regulate the temperature of the unit before and during baking, so you can get the ultimate browning of your choice. There is also a dual indicator light function, quite a handy feature that that lets you know when the unit is ready to use and when the waffles are cooked and ready to serve.

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4. Star Wars Stormtrooper Waffle Maker 

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It is important to understand that this unit can only make one waffle at a time. So, if you have a large family, or you just want to make more waffles simultaneously, it would be best if you go for Star Wars LSW-281CN Waffle Maker.

If you still want to use it and you plan to make waffles for the whole family, the only thing you would have to do is to wake up early and start baking before everyone else wakes up and start ordering for breakfast.

If your family is small, say just you and your partner, a single waffle baked by Stormtrooper should be sizeable enough. Add some toppings of your favorite to the waffle, like hard-boiled eggs or sliced apple, and what you get is a good meal of the morning for the both of you.


Pangea Brands claims that it takes 3 to 4 minutes to make one waffle, but that’s not exactly the case. If you intend to bake a whole cup of batter, then it will take you up to 8 minutes to get the waffle ready.

 A half a cup of batter should take around 4 minutes to bake well, not less than 3. I wouldn’t really remove a waffle from this machine after the 8 minute just to be sure that my cup of batter has cooked well. From testing, it takes around 12 to 15 minutes for the batter to cook nicely.

Temperature Settings

While Stormtrooper Waffle maker has temperature settings, it seems like you have to turn them to a maximum to get this waffle maker to bake your waffles properly, particularly if you want to bake a full cup of batter.

However, if you just want to make quarter of a cup waffle, then even the lowest temperature setting should work just fine for you.

You will notice that the batter does not stick at the top or bottom of the iron, because this is a non-stick waffle maker. The instruction suggests that you treat this unit before using it, so that you waffles can cook and come out well.

And since the unit is non-stick, cleaning it should be easy. I am sure it wouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to wipe this one clean.

What it can make

The Stormtrooper is more than just a waffle maker. For the price, you get a unit that can easily bake cakes, brownies and sandwich. It can even make you tasty eggs.

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5. Star Wars Bb-8 Waffle Maker

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Star Wars Stormtrooper is quite simple in design. Plus, it is compact, lightweight, and cheap. As such, it is a good option for people who are limited on kitchen space, or people who are on a very tight budget.

One of the best built-in features of the Stormtrooper Waffle is the light indicator system. You will love this feature for two reasons.

First, it lets you know when the waffle maker is ready so that you can pour in your batter. Second, it lets you know if your batter is ready for serving, although this seems to work well if you are baking less than a cup of batter.

Therefore, if you are baking a full cup of batter, you may want to ignore the timing. At least double the time so that you can make good waffles that will taste exactly the way you want them to taste. 

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