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Best Death Star Waffle Makers

Death Star Waffle Makers – Top Rated Irons Reviews

Comparison Table Reviews 1) Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker Summary Looking almost exactly like the shape of a moon, the Death Star is one of the best waffle makers from Star Wars. Best for people that have the tendency to make waffles dark on both sides, the Death Star Waffle maker is perfect enough … Read more

Star Wars Waffle Makers

Star Wars Waffle Makers – Top Rated Irons Reviews

​I am never a fan of complex design. And logos don’t impress me that much. But when I first ate a Star Wars Waffle at my friend’s place, I was hooked.    Given that I have been eating waffles for well over 4 months, what my ally baked on a chilly Friday morning was exactly … Read more

history of waffles

History of Waffles

Synonymous with Europe and a Belgian culinary specialty, waffles are a trendy menu item across Europe.   Waffle popularity has transcended oceans to become a food item with a cultural denotation across the globe. If you live America, for instance, waffles are more than a foreign delight but an indispensable breakfast item. Personally, for long … Read more

waffles without waffle makers

How to Make Waffles Without Waffle Maker

I know that none of us can`t imagine a lazy weekend morning without a delicious, crispy waffle spiced with maple syrup.   But that`s not we`re talking here.   We`re discussing whether it`s possible to make waffles without a waffle maker like this ones.   The answer to this is a yes.   However, it … Read more