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WAFFLEMAKERBAY provides free-content on waffle-maker products, related accessories, valuable tips, product reviews and much more. When you buy through links in our site we may earn an affiliate commission.

Transparency has always been the backbone of online marketing. Individuals participating should display high levels of integrity. This marks the basis of writing this affiliate disclosure for Waffle Maker Bay.

Of great importance is to note that Waffle Maker Bay is fully owned and operated by Richard Himes. All the content posted on the site, irrespective of its nature (videos, written, and images), is the sole brainchild of Richard Himes. This blog, therefore, is successfully up and running as a result of intensive investment and long hours of research.

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Content Updates

We appreciate the importance of providing up to date information to our readers.

We also have the obligation of providing genuine reviews. As such, we work hard to ensure that any information we offer is accurate and up to date.

Changes in technology from time to time limit the certainty of the freshness of some content through the year.

You can, therefore, be assured that all the purchases you make through the content that has been reviewed on this blog will be worth every single buck you spend.