My Story & About This Blog

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I can confidently say that waffles are the best thing that happened to my breakfast menu. My love relationship with waffles goes back to my childhood. My mum would prepare pancakes and everyone would only have a single piece. 

It was not until one day when my aunt prepared waffles and we were all competing to finish and grab another from the plate.

I have become a number one fan of waffles ever since.

Here is the thing about waffles; the grids make it easy to cut through the portioned sections. TOPPINGS!! Waffles hold toppings in position so perfectly and I cannot imagine the fruit, syrup, and other toppers on that waffle. Ice cream can also be added to waffles. I mean, you can NEVER go wrong with waffles.

I had a very difficult time finding a good waffle maker. Every time I purchased one I would end up not getting the results I desired. 

After numerous searches I learnt that there were groups where people discussed waffles and how to find the best waffle iron

That’s how I got the idea of this blog.

I started this blog to share my love for waffles with millions of waffle lovers out there and to share the great ideas I have learnt from other people on the different waffle recipes and how to find the best waffle makers.

My team and I also write about different waffle recipes and we also provide reviews for waffle-related products.

Our goal is to share our love for waffles and to help others in finding the top waffle makers.

My life took a drastic change after I bought my personal waffle makers and even better when I got the perfect one.

I always get to try out different waffle recipes at the comfort of my kitchen. This means that I can even invent my own waffle recipe.

One more thing! I get to save a lot of my cash when I make my waffles at home. I always get more for less!

I always get down to serious research on waffles and related topics before I pen down anything on this blog to ensure that the content provided is always helpful to the users. As such, I am always confident that we offer information that is utterly helpful.

We ensure that we provide reliable information by engaging experienced nutritionists and waffle experts. We also ensure that we get important information from companies that make the  waffle making machines and reading commentaries on waffles and other related topics. 

Our mission is to provide the most up to date information on waffles, ensure that you easily get the best waffle cookers. We also aim at sharing the best waffle recipes and how to increase the fun of having waffles.

This blog is the one stop shop for all your assorted and comprehensive current information on waffles.

This blog is very helpful to all those that feel confused about waffles and those that find it hard to get the best waffle makers.

You can start here to start learning about waffle making machines as well as top notch recipes.